10 Cards per Package.



10 Cards -You have the POWER to:

  • (cover)

    You Have the POWER to: Think, enjoy, express, be purposeful, prosper, study, form an opinion, take a stand, make change, rise, speak, inquire, resist, give, inspire, build, direct, embellish, elevate, discard, unite, create, accept, reject, review, innovate, excel, rest, step into your genius, acknowledge, remember, assess, decide, prioritize, progress, withdraw, mourn, listen, love, lift, strengthen, appreciate, communicate, celebrate, share, consider, forgive, conceptualize, develop, organize, stand, embrace, protect, heal, encourage, influence, pray, expand....

    move in the direction of your greatest good.



    You are powerful. Be an agent of positive change. Use your powerful - The universe is yours. Happy New Year!