Each card unfolds into 10.5 x 16 Blueprint for Freedom!




8 Poster Cards - HNY/Blueprint for Freedom

  • (HNY Cover)

    Plan your work and work your plan. Love yourself. Never say never. Spend more time listening. Buy Black. Get out of the red. Speak up when something is wrong. Be solution oriented. Take time to appreciate the simple things. Always eamine both sides of a story. Remeber your ancestors. Nothing in excess. Take responsisbility for what is yours. Pray. Say no to anything that does not validate or support who you are or what you aspire to be. Respect your elders. Teach the children the truth. Take time to laugh. Enjoy life. Be an example setter. Think. Learn to forgive. Never forget. Have faith. Strive for excellence. Don't waste time. Never stop dreaming. Know you deserve success - dream it, see it, taste it, touch it, live it. Be your own best friend. Understand the power of the word - it can cut, crush, soothe, heal, create. Count your blessings. Keep your word. Be in tune with your spirit. Choose your battles and fight to win the war! Stand tall - No one can ride your back unless it's bent. Give from the heart. Practice what you preach. Facilitate the flow of love. Always journey toward enlightenment. Build on your strengths. Value relationships. Keep your head up. Seek purpose in all things. Get closer to God ..


    Wishing you good health,

    peace, love and prosperity.


    Happy New Year!